A Guide: TheirFans Scholarship Post

As the owner of a Scholarship Profile, you can easily promote scholarships from your foundation or network to the users of TheirFans. This guide and our scholarship post form will make it easy for you to publish scholarships to TheirFans instantly.

Published scholarships are posted in three locations:
  1. Your profile feed. All users that are connected with you will receive this update in their newsfeed as well.
  2. On the Scholarship tab of your profile. All scholarships are kept here to allow other users the ability to easily view all scholarships your foundation or network has posted.
  3. The Scholarship Directory. The Scholarship Directory can be found by selecting “Scholarships” in the sub-header menu. All published scholarships from all scholarship profiles can be found, searched, sorted and filtered here.
The following guide will instruct you how to use the TheirFans scholarship post. Let’s get started.

From your profile view, select the scholarship tab.
From the Scholarships tab, select “Add new scholarship” (red arrow). From this view, you can also delete scholarships by selecting the button by the blue arrow.
The Scholarship Post form will now show and request information from you. The red numbering on this form will show you in the following views where each bit of information appears.

Once you have filled out all information, select “Submit”.
Several things to keep in mind:
  1. Use a catchy title that will attract TheirFans users
  2. Only enter numbers in section #4 – any additional characters (including commas) will result in an error
  3. While writing your long description enter
    to insert a line. If you want a full blank line, enter <br/><br />
  4. The external URL that you submit will be linked to the “Apply Now” button of the post. Use a link that will bring the user to see more information on your page
  5. Use the minimum age for “Class Standing to Apply”
Once you have selected “Submit” the scholarship will be instantly updated to both locations on your profile and to TheirFans’ Scholarship Directory page.
A completed scholarship post can be accessed by clicking the title of the short description from a connected user’s newsfeed, a scholarship profile’s feed, the scholarship profile’s scholarship tab or from TheirFans’ Scholarship Directory.

The completed view will look like the below:
A user that accesses a scholarship from TheirFans’ Scholarship Directory will see scholarships listed as below. TheirFans users can search for keywords in scholarships or sort by important profile data. Any user can access this information, be sure to tailor your post to students and parents alike.

FAQs About the Scholarship Post

Why should I post scholarships to TheirFans?

TheirFans attracts a network of college-bound students, parents and educators to socially interact around athletics and academics. Scholarship foundations and networks use TheirFans to drive traffic to their organization. Every user that views one scholarship post has the ability to easily be returned to the provider/promoters website to view additional information and opportunities.

When you select the title of my scholarship post, I am directed to a blank page. What do I do?

If you enter any character other than a number into the amount field this error will occur. You should return to your profile view>select the scholarship tab>delete the scholarship post, then recreate the post.

How can I have more users look at my profile?

Take advantage of the social capabilities. Connect with other profile types to spread your network visibility.

How can I edit a post I have already created?

Unfortunately, a posted scholarship cannot be edited. If you wish to alter your current post, delete the original and create a new version. *Tip: copy the short and long description into another file to make it quick to repost.

Something isn’t right — can you help me?

Yes, we can! We are available by phone or email. Anytime, day or night.
Phone: 720.509.9095
Email: [email protected]