Hi Coach – Welcome to TheirFans!

This quick guide will help you enter stats for your team. TheirFans is the only social network that allows athletes to enter their own stats and have the ability for coaches to enter them as well.

Any statistics that you add will show on your profile and on the profile of each athlete you update. Coaches have the ultimate authority over stats. Any conflicting game information entered will defer coaches statistics. Please ensure accuracy as you add the statistics.

To enter stats as a coach on TheirFans we will need to select the sport for the team, create a team, create a game then enter the statistics for that game’s players.

Let’s get started!

Navigate to the Team section of your account settings.

Account settings can be found by selecting the arrow to the right of your profile picture in the upper right corner.
Select the sport of your team and click Save.
You need to assign athletes to your team. Click the Team tab and “Add new member”.
Under User, search for the athlete or coach by username. Confirm if the user is a player or coach and if they are an active member of the team, then select Save
You can now see the members of your team from the Team tab.
After you have finished building your team, navigate to the Games tab and select “Add/New Game”
Enter the game information, including the date of the game, your team, your opponent and the season to apply this to. Then, select Save
Each profile type has a playercard and bio with information tailored to be most relevant for each user.
The game is now created and you can view details below. Add your game players from our team. Select “Add game players”.
The athletes that were previously added will populate dropdown menu. Mark the athletes that participated in the game as a starter or reserve.
You should now add statistics for each of the athletes. From the screen below, use the edit stats icon for the player you wish to add statistics for.
Enter the statistics for that athlete’s game, then select save.
Use your browsers back button to return to the Game tab. Continue to edit the statistics for all members of the team. After you are finished with the athletes, enter the team statistics that will appear on your profile. Select “Add/up team statistic”
Enter the statistics information for the full team and select save
You have now finished updating the statistics from your team. The results will show on the Stats tab of each affected profile and on the playercard for displayed statistics.

See your updated profile:
See your athletes updated profile “MichaelTF”
And the updated profile for TFAthlete.