TheirFans FAQs

These FAQs and how-to guides should answer most questions. If your question is not answered here, please reach out to our support team by phone or email.

General TheirFans FAQs

Why should I join TheirFans?

TheirFans is a place for your fans. TheirFans is the only social network with the purpose of connecting students, athletes and communities around athletics. Build your fanbase of supporters, search for future academic opportunities, take action regarding your recruiting process, find instructors that will take you to the next level, a camp to grow your skillsets or a club team that will let you shine at tournaments. Have fun building connections and supporting your friends, family and teammates.

Can I download an app in the Play or Apple Stores?

We currently do not offer an app for mobile devices. Our team is plugging away and we will let you know as soon as it is released. However, TheirFans is fully responsive. will respond and optimize its view given your device type and screen size. No need to wait for the app, use TheirFans on the go from your mobile device today.

What is the respect button and why is it in two places?

There are two different functions for the respect button, but it is all about giving props to your Teammates, Rivals and Fans. Selecting “Respect” on a user’s playercard will have you follow their network activity. If they post on their wall, you will see it in your newsfeed. If you select “Respect” on a comment or a post, it acts like a positive vote. A way to show respect or agreement without needing a clever set of words to share.

What is the difference between Teammates, Rivals and Fans?

Let’s get something clear right off the bat. Facebook has friends, Twitter has Followers and TheirFans has Fans. All connected users are Fans. There are three types of fans: Teammates, who are close friends or teammates. Rivals, who are friends from other schools, teams or those you compete with. And Fans. There is not a difference in privacy or function depending on what connection you label someone as. This is only used for you to see how people view you — a fan, teammate or rival.

I have “Respected” another user, but I have would like to change their type or stop following them.

Navigate to that user’s profile. Click “Respected”, this will now change to “Respect” and you are no longer following this user. You will not see their updates in your newsfeed, nor will they see you as a fan. If you want to update the fan classification, then click “Respect” and select teammate, rival or fan.

Why can’t I write on someone’s wall?

You must connect with a member before you can post to their public wall. You must click Respect on their playercard and they must click Respect on yours. TheirFans allows users to receive updates from anyone on the network, however public communication only occurs once you both share Respect. If you no longer wish for a member to post to your wall, you must stop following them. For instructions on this see above.

What is the “Next Event Reminder” on my newsfeed and profile?

This is a great way for your fans and you to keep up-to-date with games, practices and appointments. Enter your events under the calendar tab of your profile. Your next event will always populate to these two spots.

Can I send a private message?

Yes. To send a private message to any TheirFans’ member, select the envelope icon on the header to the right of the search bar. The ‘To’ field will auto-populate options as you type. Please be aware of the content you share in private messages, other users will report messages that violate the Terms of Service. Begin to type their name or username in the ‘To’ field and it will auto-populate options. Although this is a private message, please be aware of the content you share as other users will report messages that violate TheirFans’ Terms of Service.

How can I find my friends on TheirFans?

You can browse through members or search for members by name or username. If you know their name or username, use the search bar on the header of all pages. If you would like to browse by additional characteristics like sport, school, location or keyword, then select “Athletes” on the sub-header.

I was accepted into TheirFans, but my friends have not been. When will they be accepted?

TheirFans is growing and expanding by school and location to maximize the relevant connections of our current members. If you would like to recommend a user to join, send an email to us and let us know their email address. We will do our best to increase their approval priority.

I clicked a link, but nothing happened, what can I do?

We are continually developing to create a better platform for our fans and we apologize for any hiccups you may run into. If you should find a hiccup, select Ctrl + R if you are using Google Chrome, Ctrl + F5 if you are using another web browser on a Windows computer or Cmd + Shift + R on a Mac computer to refresh the page including the new updates. Also — we would appreciate it if you would let us know where these hiccups exist by sending an email to us.

Profile Setup FAQs

How do I get my Twitter feed to show on my newsfeed?

Select Account Settings from the menu by your header profile picture. Then, select “Profile” and look for “Twitter”. Enter your Twitter handle. Do not include “@”. i.e. our Twitter handle is @theirfans2015, we would enter “theirfans2015” under “Twitter”.

What is Bio under Account Settings?

Every user should enter a Bio. This is the information that will appear in your “About Me” section of your profile’s bio tab. Be honest, write of your talents and show off your personality.

How can my followers see my social profiles?

Your profile will display links to your social profiles from your Bio tab. You can display: your personal website, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MaxPreps, Hudl, BeRecruited, CaptainU and Instagram. Enter the full web address. i.e. For our Twitter profile we would enter the URL:

How can I enter information on my playercard?

Navigate to the Public tab of your Account Settings. Select the “Edit” icon next to the playercard you would like to update. If you would like to show multiple teams as playercards, then update the information on each playercard.

Why do athletes, coaches and club teams have multiple playercards?

Athletes, coaches and club teams can manage statistics for all of their teams. A coach may manage the JV and Varsity teams, a Club team may have a team for different age groups or an athlete may play football, baseball and swim. Any member that visits your profile can view statistics and information sorted by each team.

My school isn’t an option in the dropdown field. What should I do?

Email [email protected]. Use the subject line: Add school. In the body of the email include the full name of the school, city and state.

What is “Display Statistic” at the bottom of the Account Settings>Public view?

This field allows you to list the top four statistics visitors see on your playercard on computers and top two statistics they see on their mobile device. You can use different statistics on each of your playercards.

Can I change the notifications I receive?

Yes, under the General Settings menu.

How do I add a profile picture to my profile?

Hover over your profile picture and you will see a cloud icon appear. Select this to upload a file from your computer. Use the pencil icon to refocus or center the image.

How do I add a cover picture to my profile?

Hover the mouse over the lower right corner of the playercard and select the cloud icon. We recommend members use a photo that is relevant to your profile and is not too loud. Check out this great cover photo for basketball enthusiasts.

When I added a profile or cover picture it says the file is too big, what do I do?

The maximum picture size is 3,145 KB. You can easily resize the picture using an application like Microsoft Paint, Apple Paintbrush or Paint.Net. The maximum size of a square photo should be 1773x1773 pixels.

Why are certain parts of my profile underlined?

The underlined portions of your profile represent a special function. For example, a click of an underlined sport or school will result in a search for users that have that trait. Hover your mouse over the count of your “Fans” and you will see a breakdown of the fans following you.

How can I add or remove a photo to my profile?

Select the bio tab on your profile and scroll down to upload photo. To remove a photo from your profile, check the box of the photo to remove and select “Delete photos”. You may need to refresh your page to see the result.

How can I upload a video to my profile?

TheirFans uses YouTube to manage profile videos. You will need to create a YouTube account to upload video to TheirFans. Upload your video to YouTube, then paste the full URL, including HTTPS:// into the field: “Enter full URL of YouTube video, including https://” and select “Upload”.

How can I upload a video to my profile if I do not have a YouTube account?

As TheirFans uses YouTube to manage the video content of the application, you must have a YouTube account to upload your videos easily. If you do not wish to use a YouTube account, you can email your video to [email protected]. We will upload the video to our account as a private video and provide you the URL to use to upload to your profile. Per our privacy policy, the videos that are sent to us or posted through TheirFans profiles are subject to our apps including TheirFans and TheirNews.

Can I add a video to YouTube, but not have it be searchable or public in YouTube?

Yes, when you upload a video to YouTube change the status from public to either private or unlisted. Private will only allow you to share the video with people who have the link, like your TheirFans profile or unlisted which will make it not searchable by YouTube but found on your YouTube channel.

I am a new member — can I receive a free trial?

We offer various trials and discount codes through our acceptance emails and for users that help spread TheirFans to more communities! Register for your TheirFans profile and add [email protected] to your address book to prevent our message from arriving in your spam folder.

Can I add or recommend my team or clients to TheirFans?

Of course you can. We also want to reward our users who help TheirFans to grow. If you would like to see your team or clients be on the fast track to acceptance, please email us their email addresses. We will accept them shortly after you have been accepted and we will send you a reward to express our gratitude!

How can I make my profile more available to users on TheirFans?

Fill out all of the related fields for your profile and include a full bio. The keywords in your bio are searchable through our system. Also, invite your current and previous team members and clients to join. They can provide reviews on your page which will make your profile more attractive to other members. Take advantage of the word of mouth capabilities from TheirFans recommendations!

I am in my account settings tab, but cannot access my profile — what can I do?

Whether you were on a free trial, monthly contract or annual contract, this is a sign that your subscription is up. Navigate to the “Billing” tab of the Account Settings and update your payment information. If you believe that your contract should still be active, please contact our billing team.

How can I use my profile calendar to grow my business?

If you are an instructor, label your availabilities and your set appointments. Users will want to see how frequently you train and when they can schedule time with you. Be sure to detail in your Bio how your programs work, so users know what to expect. Camps and Clubs, highlight all of the events that your team attends, the games, tournaments, practices, camps and tryouts. Let users know what it is like to be a part of your program.

Scholarship Post FAQs

Why should I post scholarships to TheirFans?

TheirFans attracts a network of college-bound students, parents and educators to socially interact around athletics and academics. Scholarship foundations and networks use TheirFans to drive traffic to their organization. Every user that views one scholarship post has the ability to easily be returned to the provider/promoters website to view additional information and opportunities.

When you select the title of my scholarship post, I am directed to a blank page. What do I do?

If you enter any character other than a number into the amount field this error will occur. You should return to your profile view>select the scholarship tab>delete the scholarship post, then recreate the post.

How can I have more users look at my profile?

Take advantage of the social capabilities. Connect with other profile types to spread your network visibility.

How can I edit a post I have already created?

Unfortunately, a posted scholarship cannot be edited. If you wish to alter your current post, delete the original and create a new version. *Tip: copy the short and long description into another file to make it quick to repost.

How-To Guides

Guide: Publish a scholarship post to a scholarship profile

Guide: Add stats as a coach or a club team


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