What is TheirFans?

Well now that you asked… TheirFans is a place for my fans, a place for his fans and her fans. A place for soccer fans and basketball fans, a place for football, wrestling and track fans. Really though, it’s a place for more and more fans, the equivalent to an abundant galore of fans.

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TheirFans is an exclusive place for the most committed student athletes around the nation. A place to connect, interact with your teammates, your rivals, a place to build your fanbase and leave your legacy. TheirFans is a place for your fans.

TheirFans is a social media site dedicated to student athletes, their coaches and their fans. It includes…

— A community of no-cost student athlete profiles that allows athletes to post stats, highlight recruiting trips, connect with camps and instructors in a no-hassle and safe environment;

— An athlete’s page that allows them to build a stadium of fans across the country;

— An easy medium of connection between coaches and their players — a one-stop shop to post important team announcements, results, standout performances and game and practice schedules;

— A place where friends and family can create a page to follow favorite and friendly-rival teams and players;

— A spot where coaches, athletes and parents can find and sign up to attend local and nationally recognized camps, as well as place to find quality instructors in a multitude of sports and fitness;

— Content about athletes and teams, written by local and national level writers that have worked for ESPN, the Associate Press as well as others.

Sign up at theirfans.com, we are approving members now and yours may be next. Please recommend to other coaches, players, friends, family and friendly rivals to help us build a community of the most supportive and dedicated people around our student athletes.

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